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in the pentagon city metro station. a suspect in a drugstore shoplifting case dies after a confrontation with police. >> on the metro platform, they say the arlington police officer spotted the shoplifting suspect. he called from the stop, but --o stop, but the suspect didn't. then they say there was a confrontation between the suspect and the officer, and during the struggle they say the officer pulled out the taser gun and fired. bebut they say the suspect continued to trugle with the officer. >> hee noticed it didn't have the anticipated effect on the suspect. meaning the suspect did not stop struggling, did not comply with their commands. tt suspect did appear to be in medical distress. >> he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> introducing the taser x-26. >> according to the taser company website, the device shoots small probes that transmit electrical pulses designed to temporarily disable sensory and motor functions. according to court records, william bumbrie iii once lived in south carolina where he did time for a sex crime. friends say he's lived in washin
, thank you. >>> folks south of the city can expect to see more of the snow. live in prince william county now with a look at how folks between there and richmond are getting ready. julie? >> hi, jim. i'm in the woodbridge area. no doubt there's a few milk and bread runs being waged as people prepare for what may be on the way tomorrow. it seems like the farther south you go on i-95, the greater the potential snowfall. but v.d.o.t. and the city jurisdictions are all preparing for the high end of the estimates. vdot are restocked and ready to tackle whatever the next snowfall leaves behind. in the counties around fredericksburg, they could get up to 6 inches tomorrow. this vdot depot will have 150 pieces of equipment on the road by morning. they've already pre-treated the interstates and major roads with salt brines. >> 25 miles road of the track could make a big difference for us. so we're going to go to our level four and level five by tomorrow morning. so that's all the heavy pieces of equipment we will have on hand. >> in fredericksburg city where they do their own snow removal, the dec
investigation into violation of city gun laws. on january 15, arenas came to court and entered a guilty plea to a felony gun charge. arenas' sentencing is scheduled for mashlg 26. the crittenton sentence, a $1250 fine, one year unsupervised probation, on the condition he helps the nba haiti relief effort and that he counsels disadvantaged kids in the city of washington. now crittenton will meet with the nba tomorrow to discuss his basketball future. >> arenas still hasn't been sentenced. >> that's late march. both of them will soon fin out their basketball futures as pat collins just said. this is not the only piece of news the wizards expect to hear this week. as they will likely hear something from the nba regarding the immediate basketball future. players did begin to hear this news that backup guard javaris cittenton was charged with weapons violation and has now been sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation. he's 22 years old. he suffered a foot injury in october and the future with his team, uncertain he's unsigned beyond this year. he called it, quote, embarrassing. speaking of a
at the crystal city sports pub like what they see and hear from a man who needs little introduction. >> ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce you to our new head coach. >> reporter: fans watched mike shanahan and listened as he shared his views o the team's future. >> i think it's going to be a positive change. i mean, the guy is a proven winner. two super bowls under his belt. and i think it's great for washington. >> reporter: do you think mike shanahan can do it without a john elway or an elite quarterback? >> i think he can. he's always had a good running game in denver. and he's always worked through the draft. so i think we can -- we can get something started. we can build from where we are. >> reporter: do you think they'll go deep in the playoffs? >> next year, probably not, but the next year. >> reporter: crystal city sports pub has the history of the redskins on display on every wall from sonny jurgensen to the late sean taylor. business at local sports restaurants rise and fall with the redskins, winning is the bottom line. >> we need the redskins to do well. we want them to do
in the city to be converted, but check the signs where you are parking. if a new sign is up, the new rules are in effect. >>> coming up, there's good news and bad news as it regards roadway construction in the area. >>> tiger woods remains in seclusi seclusio but he's on the cover of "vanity fair." the cover promises raw photos of the world's best golfer. the february issue hits the stands next week. tiger woods has not been seen in the public since his car crash the day after thanksgiving. >>> in news for your health tonight, there's a question about antidepressants and whether they work. >>> first, few research is showing that bebeasty is more of a health stret than smoking. >> we already know that nearly 25% of americans are considered obese. we know that those extra pounds can cause major health problems. but could being obese make you sicker than if you were a smoker? well, new research is showing that obesity causes just as many health problems in americans as smoking does. in fact, it may cause even more. researchers calculated the number of quality adjusted life years for smokers a
businesses and homes. this is happening in the trinidad section of the city. crews were working. a break at 16th and oat streets when three other breaks occurred within close proximity. there are 12, 8, and 6-inch water main breaks in the area. they're attempting to turn the water off. we have a crew on the scene gathering more information about the impact of these breaks. we'll check in with them at 5:30. >>> a former teacher here in d.c. is facing allegations of child sexual abuse. robert peterson has been teaching 7th and 8th graders at the sidwell friends school in northwest. that's where elaine reyes is with the latest on the charges against this teacher. elaine? >> well, doreen, robert peterson was arrested by montgomery county police. actually fired by the school last weeng. he hasn't worked at the school this year at all. in fact, investigators suspended him before classes even started in the fall when they learned of these allegations months ago. 65-year-old robert peterson was a long-time middle-school social studies teaching at the sidwell friends school. a school that educate
.com, washington is the easiest city for job hunters to find employment. baltimore comes in at number three. >>> prince georges hospital is going to be a key player in large-scale emergency management. the hospital is going to receive $2.5 million in federal funding as part of an ergency response plan. the goal is to make sure maryland is ready to deal with a biological, chemical, or nuclear attack. the hospital's location puts it in a key role to help if a terror attack happened. >> you're on the outer edge of the district of columbia. and where if there's going to be a major attack on the united states, it is not going to hop into utah. the blast zone, whether it's bio or whatever, is right here. >> prince georges hospital center is the second busiest trauma center in the area. >>> a paramedic whose handling of "new york times" reporter david rosenbaum led an an overhaul of a system is going back to work. rosenbaum was mugged and beaten with a pipe outside his northwest home. he died from his injuries two days later. paramedic salina walker was fired months later. authorities accused her
suspect who died in police custody after an officer used a tizer gun on him at the pentagon city metro city. we have an exclusive interview with the suspect's father tonight. he says the confrontation that ended with his son's death began with the theft of a bar of soap and hair clippers. pat collins has our report. >> it's a bar of soap and a pair of clippers. it's wrong to take. it's not yours to take. he just wanted some help. >> reporter: that's william bumbry jr. his son died sunday night after a struggle with an arlington county police officer. it happened at the pentagon city metro station. >> what do you make of that? >> i'm hurt. i feel like i'm a failure. >> reporter: police say an officer was tried to arrest bumbry for shoplifting. there was a confrontation and they say the officer deployed a taser. eventually, bumbry was subdued, handcuffed, taken to the hospital and a short time later, he died. william bumbryiii. he was 36 years old. he's been in and out of jail since he was 15. he says he did ten years in a sex case. he was living at the homeless shelter downtown and he w
for helping kids in the city, they named a street after him. the victim, he's the brother of calvin woodland jr., the chief of staff for councilman jim graham. >> i know he was brutally gunned down. i know he was shot seven times. i know he didn't deserve it. and i know that justice has to be done. there's no question about it. we won't settle for anything else. >> reporter: they tell the story this way. 10:30 last night, calvin woodland outside in the parking lot of the gregory apartments on barnaby street. a man comes up with a gun, a masked man. several shots fired. calvin woodland falls dead to the ground. going to miss him? >> absolutely. i miss him already. stayed up all night. >> what would your father say today? >> if he wasn't dead, this would have killed him. >> this was to have been a big day for calvin woodland. you see, he just got a full-time job at a rec center. today was to have been his first day at work. pat, back to you. >> pat collins, thanks. >>> in virginia, a fairfax county police officer won't face any capitol hill charges in the shooting death of a man who was mental
nearly 1 million people were displaced from the city of port-au-prince alone. >>> a pastor and his wife from virginia are back home now from haiti with their adopted son. but it was a process that was very difficult. john has more on their incredible journey now. john? >> for the past 12 years, liz and pastor larry warren have been trying to adopt a child. time after time, the adoption fell through. this time after meeting their son in haiti, they were determined that nothing, not even an earthquake, would get in their way. this morning at dulles international, their dream became a reality. through the lens of pastor warren, his new son is introduced to family. they swarmed the baby, emerbgin into a new life. >> i'm very thankful. please help the families that are still sitting at the embassy crying like i am. it's just a dream come true. one of the happiest days of my life. >> reporter: this emotional day has been months in the making. last july, the warrens first met the baby. they fell in love and went through the process of adoption. everything was almost set until january 12th when
. the city has made some moves after some of the kids were >>> welcome back. i'm wendy reiger. >> i'm jim vance. coming up this laugh hour, there's more proof there were lakes on bars 3 billion years ago. some ladies are going green for peta in d.c. and a four-legged angel saves the day. >> but we begin this half-hour with our top story. major new developments in the attempted mur murder of a local imf worker. police believe his attacker might have also worked for the international monetary fund. policebtained an arrest warrant for a former imf economist. but police believe he may have fled to china. >> well, wendy, indaed as you say, the case is far from over, far from being closed at this point because police believe the suspect may have fled out of this country and may have fled to china. the suspect, a south african national is an economist who worked for two years at the international monetary fund in northwest washington. detectives investigating an alarming october 2009 shooting in bethesda, maryland, at the home of the 54-year-old, also an imf economist learned the two men had wor
now. you may want to consir linoleum. it's a good eco alternative. it's been used at radio city music hall for 50 year. >> if it can withstand the rockettes, it with withstand your house. >> reporter: putting something off until spring? no need. just go green.Ñi to learn more about green renovation or to sign up for classes, go to amicusgreen.com. and don't be eating the paint. >> you could eat off those floors, though. i love the floors. >> they're beautiful.Ñi and the linoleum is really cool. it's amazing. >> that's great. a great story. >>> coming up on "news4 at 5," a dime a drink tax on booze in ryland. we'll tell you about a controversial plan that may already be drowning. >>> luxury items purchased with stolen taxpayer bucks. how to get that money back. >>> and with tim kaine's final few days in office, he's taking a moment to reflect on his greatest achievements and failures. we'll tell you what he says was his greatest challenge that he never saw coming. >>> and welcome back at 5:30. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handley. >>> we begin this half hour with our top story. a cha
of the case, but someone comes in from virginia carrying a handgun into the city of washington. that's against the law. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: in the paper, "washington post" columnist mike wise reports that during that incident, javaris crittenton also had a gun and the gun was loaded. lindsay czarniak talked to wise today. >> what can people take from what you reported as far as eye-witness reports? >> i think that they'll understand that things were a lot more volatile in that locker room than people originally believed. and that child's play, a silly prank, went way beyond what most people consider to be a practical joke. >> reporter: javaris crittenton has said he has done nothing wrong. so what happens now? that is likely to be decided behind the walls of this arena. the u.s. attorney's office. where prosecutors will decide what, if any, charges to bring in this controversial case. i'm pat collins, news4 washington. >> now, chief lanier expects the investigation to be wrapped up soon. >>> president obama talked about the attempted terror attack christmas day in detroit, over detroit
with ties to drug trafficking groups. i.c.e. worked with local law enforcement officials in 83 cities. >>> i love it when i'm here for the wednesday question. >> you're ready, huh? >> i'm excited. >> i come in for this. >> a lot of sunshine today. we are getting cold air. a lot of folks are watching for a -- another possible snowstorm. here's a question. how many of washington's ten biggest snowstorms of all time have started on a friday or saturday? >> what have you got? >> remember december was one of our big ones. started on a saturday. there are the choices. how many of washington's ten biggest snowstorms of all time started on a friday or saturday? >> rieger? for lunch tomorrow. >> i say only 2 out of 10. >> what do you think? >> 7 out of 10. >> once again, you are both wrong. you were closer. believe it or not, 9 of 10 of ou our biggest snowstorms of all time have started on a friday or a saturday. remember, the december blizzard, that started on a saturday. the only top ten storm that did not start on arida or saturday was the february 15th, 2003, storm, and that started on a sunday.
it's an entire city in ruins. rescuers say their greatest challenge may be just getting around the devastation to help. >> a lot of times you have to remove buildings from the street to get vehicles down the street. many times that's not even possible and you end up basically having to hoof it in. you're carrying a lot of equipment and a lot of stuff and you have to walk. it's time consumer and difficult. >> reporter: organizing the deployment from dulles airport to haiti took more than 14 hours after the earthquake. >> there's a lot of frustration. we've been ready to go for quite some time. >> reporter: once it was determined that landing airplanes in haiti would be safe, rescuers left the academy for the airport, led by police escorts. as you can see, there is a lot of equipment that goes into making an operation like this one work. they've got to load all of this stuff on to trucks, then get it on to the cargo plane that's going to land in haiti. they're saying that their number-one priority is to make sure that after the devastation there, that the airport is ready for all
that now it's turning away everything but money. the city set up 20 computers and phone lines to receive donations. the greater washington haiti relief commitsy looking for volunteers. the ambassador to haiti says food and water is getting to people in the country, but it could be a lot faster. he says money would help to rebuild that country. [ inaudible ] send cash earmarked to reputable charities that will be much better for the relief effort. >> on sunday alone, people donated thousands of bags of goods to haiti. >>> meantime, more troops arrived in haiti today and aid continues to arrive. but officials say much more is needed. nbc's jay gray is live in port-au-prince with more on that. jay, how many troops are on the ground there at this point? >> good evening, pat. by the end of the day today, almost 14,000 will be on the ground or in the waters around this island nation. and more expected throughout the week, up to 1,500, even 1,600 through the weekend. they continue to bring the military in. there are a lot of people who haven't had food or wer in seven days. they are desperate.
and why he was so mistreated. >> reporter: it happened sunday night at the pentagon city metro station. william bumbry iii died after a confrontation with an arlington police officer who said he deployed a taser to try and get bumbry under control. the cop was trying to arrest bumbry for shoplifting. they say he stole a bar of soap and hair clippers. he was6 years old. his father says he'd been in and out of jail since he was 15, including a ten-year prison term for a sex offense. lawyers for the bumbry family say that william was suffering from high blood pressure and kidney disease. they say he was in a weakened state and couldn't put up much of a fight. by the way, this whole incident was caught on tape by metro security cameras. that tape could be most telling. >> we believe that the videotape itself will be the best indicator of what took place that led to the tasering and the death of william bumbry iii. >> reporter: reaction this afternoon from the arlington county police department. was this incident caught on surveillance tape? >> at the metro station. >> there was tape, and t
-au-prince. the streets of the capital city are teeming with people carrying all their remaining belongings. again, brian and the nbc "nightly news" team will air a full hour of "nightly news" here at 7:00. >>> we're back now with more help for haiti. news4's partnership with the american red cross to help the people who have been devastated by this earth quake. lisa, tell us more about kind of support that you're getting here and how you're spending the money that's being donated back on the ground in port-au-prince. >> we've had phenomenal support from the community. that money that is being donated allows us to give immediate support to those in haiti. things such as food, clean water, medical supplies, communications equipment. the red cross this morning was able to dispatch disaster workers to take gear and communications down to help us try to help them rebuild those vital areas. >> as for the residents there, how is the red cross doing with supplies for its own relief workers? >> we're doing well. we were fortunate that our own folks there in haiti were not injured in the earthquake themselves. we
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